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What can you buy here?

White-label IoT Solutions

Whether you selling beds, chairs or windows you can buy an app or an entire connected system.

It brings value to your clients and much higher margins to your business.
Make your offer smart!

If you are selling home lightning, introduce dedicated App

If you are selling beds, offer "Cosy Bedroom"

Build a Smart Wardrobe App

While you are selling home furnishings, try a connected system

Sigrata is your gate to Digital World

Want to create a smart bedroom offering?

Nothing simpler...

Choose a software from the list

Buy license for 10 prototypes, it should cost no more than $500

If you don't have a dedicated team,
we will help you just call

or delegate the rest to your team 😎

White-label is a way to make a pain-free
transition to digital business

Minimal maintenance costs of digital part

You always meet legal requirements

Always scalable

You are never alone!

You have access to consultants & Integrators

Don't have a dedicated team?
No Problem!

Our network supports you along the road.


White-Labelling at Sigrata?

It means that the application you are buying is free from any branding and you can sell it entirely as yours.

It also means that other companies can buy the same app unless you buy full ownership from the developer.

Thanks to those rules, products available at Sigrata are affordable and thus more accessible.

How to implement Ready-to-use Solutions?

You can rely on your internal team or hire a specialist.

Sigrata offers trusted consultants & integrators that will help you with the process.

Caution! Check if the integrator you chose operates in your region.

What if developer will reseign from updating his product?

Sigrata ensures that each software that you buy will be uploaded and maintained as long as you want to use it in your offering.

Can IoT solution be personalized to my needs?

Generally no, as those are the ready-to-use solutions.

However, Sigrata allows developers to express some customization possibilities, so it all depends on the solution, developer and
range of changes.