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You're becomming
hardware house
without costs

You do not struggle with clients 😉

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Make money by providing your solutions to
industry leaders and see your income
getting incrementally bigger.

Earn by solving global problems

Once you build your solution it can be used
all around the globe to solve pressing issues.

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Become heart of the discussion and build
IoT like Lego blocks with Open Source

Solution Adding Process

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We will verify aand adjust your
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What if I declared I can help with implementation

You will be given direct channel contact ensured by Sigrata or use whatever suits you and your client.

How do I join as a consultant/ integrator?

For the time being of the development, please add your self here

What if I will make transaction of off the Sigrata?

Literally nothing will happen, as long as:

- You will ensure their local IoT law requirements are met
- You will ensure your client about the continuity of the deal under agreed circumstances
- You will regularly respond to your clients questions during the time being of the implementation process
- You will transfer all your future Sigrata's income to the chosen non-profit

otherwise, please do not break Sigrata's Terms of Use.